Meeting Breanna

Over rolling hills, down winding country lanes, giant fern filled forests and crisp mountain waterfalls awaited. To a small town hidden between farmland and grand looming mountains we travelled to meet a friend I’d never met!

We pulled up into an idyllic little campsite, every spot with fire pits and picnic tables beside the babbling creek. We were delighted by the resident platypus and fascinated by the water rat. The boys spent endless hours dam building, racing sticks and splashing in the icy water.

We met Breanna and her family at their home set on a couple of acres with sheep, cows, ducks, dogs, rabbit, to name a few. Never having had and pets the boys were in their element. Any apprehension or nerves were soon forgotten, and we spent a lovely afternoon together. The next few days were filled with shared adventures of our 2 families exploring together.

Breanna wrote “I always love to see positive outcomes from negative scenarios. When I was getting diagnosed with breast cancer and was caught in limbo land (those few days, or nearly a week in my case, where you know its cancer but don’t know to what extent it has spread or the type), I really found myself wondering whether I’d ever smile again, whether I’d ever not feel the awful weight of uncertainty on my chest. 

I never would have thought at that point that something as positive as making a friend who was walking the same path as me at the time could even be possible. On Tuesday Alec and I had the pleasure of meeting that friend, Carol Smith and her husband and sons, and spent a few days exploring our local area as part of their Barefoot and Breastless journey. Spending time with another family who had endured the same hardships as our own, and as a result has the same feelings and thoughts about survivorship and life after cancer, with the same mission statement to slow down and enjoy what we have, while we have it, and that’s exactly what this week has been about. F*%k cancer but thanks for bringing us all together”

I too am grateful, and Breanna is not the only positive thing that has come from my diagnosis. I’m living an alternative reality to what I thought possible 2 years ago. Every day is an adventure and a chance to explore a new place. Cancer made us really reassess what is most important, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t happened.

It’s been wonderful meeting Breanna and including her family in our adventures. Cancer comes with its own set of fears and insecurities and I know Breanna and I will continue to be around for each other as we navigate our lives after cancer. This was not the final goodbye, we head back to Mole Creek at the end of the trip for a So Brave fundraiser hosted by Breanna and I to celebrate our time together and raise awareness for a cause we both strongly support.

P.s. I picked up some fantastic new car signs! Look out for me on a road near you! 🤗

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