Forced off the road by Coronavirus and a broken engine!

The one thing about traveling, and life for that matter is you must always expect the unexpected! An impossible task! I’m not talking about the Coronavirus although the same can be applied. I’m talking about the rollercoaster, we, as a traveling family have just been through. In unprecedented times such as these no one knows what to expect. As news of borders shutting broke, we spent hours discussing a plan. The next step in our trip was to travel to WA so we decided to pop over the border before it shut. However during the night, before we left one of the kids was sick. (Just a 24 bug something he ate, who knows?) So, WA was out because we had no idea if we all might get ill and The Nulabor isn’t somewhere you wanna be ill.

It was then that Queensland announced their border closure and with relatives in Northern Queensland we thought, what better place to isolate than in the warmth? Nope! Our Ute had other plans….. our engine exploded (an exaggeration for drama) after a 12 hour drive and just a few hundred kilometers from the border and it became clear that we weren’t going anywhere fast!

At this point in my story I would like to give a huge shoutout to the NRMA and all their affiliates in and around Bourke and Dubbo. The guy at the NRMA call Centre tirelessly rang around to find the best option and least expensive way for our family, undriveable car and caravan to be returned home which was over 800kms away! We should also mention:

*Mitchell caravan park in Bourke for being sympathetic and welcoming to us and all the essential travelers we saw come and go

*The Cattleman’s Country Motor Inn at Dubbo for staying open for essential travelers and upgrading us to an apartment when we only booked a family room!

Finally, after what has felt like weeks of uncertainty and a couple of days stranded in Bourke with no working car, we have arrived home to the comfort of self isolating without having to rely on shared facilities. We were picked up by a dual cab tow truck which safely delivered us to Dubbo where we were picked up by family who returned us to the Central Coast. Our vehicle and van were then delivered to our mechanic for us to sort out.

Of course we are disappointed that our trip has been postponed but we are happy we had the option to get back to family and safely isolate throughout this pandemic. As a cancer survivor I have been here before, the threat of an uncertain future. The plans that have to wait or that are painfully discarded. It’s a hard adjustment, but we are all in the same place and we are in shock. I’ve said it before “you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” and we have no choice but to get through this day by day. Our health and the health of our loved ones is precious and we all have to suck it up and do the right thing for this to pass as quickly and as successfully as possible.

We plan to resume our trip as soon as we are allowed but at this point it’s a little hard to plan not knowing what month we will be able to start. Out current plans involve nothing other than staying at home. #bebravestaystrong #stayathome #postponed #nrma

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