What cancer taught me and how it can be applied to self isolating.

This may sound strange for those who haven’t lived through a cancer diagnosis, but for those who have, the current covid crisis is probably bringing up some familiar feelings. For example, right from the very beginning we watched as each county became infected, but did we really think it’d happen to us? Does anyone everContinue reading “What cancer taught me and how it can be applied to self isolating.”

Forced off the road by Coronavirus and a broken engine!

The one thing about traveling, and life for that matter is you must always expect the unexpected! An impossible task! I’m not talking about the Coronavirus although the same can be applied. I’m talking about the rollercoaster, we, as a traveling family have just been through. In unprecedented times such as these no one knowsContinue reading “Forced off the road by Coronavirus and a broken engine!”

Meeting Breanna

Over rolling hills, down winding country lanes, giant fern filled forests and crisp mountain waterfalls awaited. To a small town hidden between farmland and grand looming mountains we travelled to meet a friend I’d never met! We pulled up into an idyllic little campsite, every spot with fire pits and picnic tables beside the babblingContinue reading “Meeting Breanna”

Happy New Year

And so, the journey begins! – 12months around Australia! We started the NewYear with a bang and set off on New Year’s Day. Leaving behind the comfort blanket of routine, familiar faces and places for the promise of adventure and sights unseen! Farewell to the past few years, you didn’t break me, only made me stronger and more determined to enjoyContinue reading “Happy New Year”